Welcome to the web presence of the
First Church of the Brethren of Peoria.  
We're glad you dropped by and hope
you will make your self at home.  Grab
a cup of coffee, take your shoes off
and take a look around.

What you will find here is a sample of
what you will find when you come to
see us in person.  A friendly place that
is honest about what
we believe and
cares about people.  We hope you see
the joy of belonging that we feel as we
gather together seeking to learn and to
live out what it means to be a follower
of Jesus in a real and meaningful way.  

I invite you to come and see for
yourself.  Come experience the love
and the grace of
Jesus that connects
us to God and to one another in a
powerful way.

Pastor Dana McNeil
First Church of the Brethren of Peoria    4714 N. Sheridan Road, Peoria, IL  61614    309-682-3980    mail@peoriabrethren.org
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